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    French Roast or Espresso Bean?

    Hi to all
    I am new to this forum and would like to receive some education on what is espresso roast?

    What I mean by this is the temperature roasted plus type of bean used that makes it a espresso bean? Or is it the grind?

    Or could I use a french roast or other dark roast bean for a cup of espresso?

    As you can see I am a little confused. All help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance icbic

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    Espresso is a process in which coffee can be made. There are two ways(that I know of) to do it. One is using an Espresso machine and the other a Moka pot. The Espresso process involves steam being pushed through tightly compact coffee.

    This is a very complex process, as a result of this there are Espresso blends, Espresso Roasts and Espresso grind.

    An Espresso blend is a mixture of different blends of coffee, these could be Brazillian, Centeral American or African. There's also some Rubusta coffee thrown in there, this helps to create the crema (the golden liquid that floats on the top of the espresso).

    Espresso roast is generally a quite darkly roasted espresso blend.

    Espresso grind is quite fine. This is nescessary as the brewing time for espresso is around 30 seconds. The high surface area of the fine grind means that more flavour will be extracted in that short ammount of time. HOWEVER if espresso was ground too fine the result would be a bitter shot as undesired flavours would be extracted.
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