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    Favorite Espresso Blends

    I enjoying trying different espresso blends and I'd love to hear some of everyone's favorites.

    Right now, I think my favorite is 49th Parallel's Epic Espresso, although there are others I enjoy almost as much.

    BTW, I drink my espresso as a straight ristretto shot, but my wife enjoys latte's so I get to try the blend straight and in milk.

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    Re: Favorite Espresso Blends

    Well in the past I liked Black Cat from Intelligentsia. Then tried something more local... Counter Culture's Espresso Toscano. For the longest time that was the standard everything else was compared to. Since working with a local roaster on a business level I have grown fond of an awesome espresso roast called Seda Dulce. It's created from a single origin Brazilian Ipanema roasted at several different temperature levels to give the taste, texture of a blend, but staying a SO. After it sits 4-5 days it develops a sweet, nutty sort of buttery smell and pulls really nicely. Since using this roast for 8 months I've tried Toscano and it just can't hang anymore. Later!
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    Re: Favorite Espresso Blends

    I will let Barrett Jones know, Shadow. He likes to hear stuff like that.




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