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    Re: Request for a mellow cofffee

    Well I'm not one for a mellow coffee, but will add a few things... I personally think most coffees are misunderstood because they are often prepared improperly for maximum achievable results. If the beans aren't fresh enough, or proper grinding/brewing isn't achieved for a specific extraction method it can reflect badly on ANY coffee regardless of origin or roast level. These variables make all the difference in how any particular coffee can be in the cup.

    Regarding Kona... as with other origins I think Kona is overrated and is priced far too high for what it is. More than anything it's supply vs. demand. Most think the higher price indicates a superior coffee with extreme smoothness, taste, body, etc... when those attributes can easily be had in properly roasted beans from many other countries for far less $$$.

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    I know this thread is a little bit old. But here in Costa Rica, our brand Caf Rey just recently launched a new website to offer fresh coffee from Costa Rica directly to the US. Export quality, specially Tarraz, which is renown worldwide. You can see our products at


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