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    Re: Organic Coffee Beans??

    Oh, thanks so much! DUH

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    Re: Organic Coffee Beans??

    Coffee is one of - if not the most - sprayed crops in the world. Large growers use infinite amounts of poison to combat pests and diseases that coffee is prone to. Your best bet to get organic beans is directly with a small, independent farm with single-source beans. Keywords are "shade-grown" and "songbird friendly" - and if you can find "sun-dried", that's even better.

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    Re: Organic Coffee Beans??

    Songbird friendly? That's a new one. Bird Friendly must be approved by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in Washington D.C. Once they blast you for improperly using the words (ask me as I have learned the hard way), they are people friendly, informative and reasonable.

    Here is information about it:

    I used the words in my first round of coffees because I had a bird painting on my Sumatra Organic, Fair Trade coffee. Silly me. They could have made my life truly miserable. But we got along great and the guy liked my coffee when I sent him some. I did not choose to use Bird Friendly as the process and cost was too high.


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    Re: Organic Coffee Beans??

    To get back on the Organic,

    I am not a Pure veggie person, and eat Plenty of Meat, and respect others who don"t
    But, any meat, produce, or any kind of plant life grown with Chemicals in it,
    not to mention, the Complete lack of checking for it in some foreign Countries.

    Leads me to believe that yes even, Coffee roasted at high temps, may still have a
    hint of some chemical trace in it, however little or high.
    How strong may depend on, if there is an infestation problem, or if the chemical
    has been cut.

    As I hold several lic, in the chemical field. Factors could be, to stimulate growing
    and or cycles, of simply eradication. Some use the good old powerful stuff, shipped
    down from here, now banned, and available there at basement prices.

    Others choose not to use chemicals, and grow Organic, while some simply are
    from poor regions and can not afford to buy chemical treatments, or Ferts.

    One thing we must not forget, is in many cases, Organic Coffee can be found at fantastic prices,
    and Supports the little Farmers, small Family Farms, that need the help of the Coffee community
    where possible. These are hard working folks, who do produce some of the Worlds finest
    Beans. They will be lost to the coyotes and others who prey upon them, and force them
    to sell at the lowest ball prices when times are tough.

    Not saying we should ignore un organic, because a lot of Good stuff exist !!
    But its good for the soil, the Earth our kids will be handed, and to Help the Craftsmen and
    Women, who have handed us this Great Brew in the First Place.

    A lot of us owe that Heritage, for the lifestyle we live today.


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