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    how long is grinded coffee good for?

    i'm new to french presses, and was wondering how long the grinded coffee i pick up at the coffee shop is good for.

    i usually pick up 5-600 grams or 20 oz, and spend somewhere around 30 days using it up. if i store that coffee in a vacuum jar, will the taste be as good towards the end of period?

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    Personally, I would never store ground coffee as it starts deteriorating immediately. I expect you would have a very noticeable difference in taste after 1 month. A reasonable quality conical burr grinder is fairly cheap now days, so why not grind only what you need? Even keeping roasted beans for 1 month would worry me. You need to buy smaller quantities or drink more coffee!!

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    I agree but this thread started over a year ago.... I would never even keep roasted coffee more then couple of weeks.

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    Just grind the coffee you're going to use each time. As soon as grind it, this runs down.

    Don't follow me. I'm lost too.



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