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    That Elusive Taste Profile; Java Language as a Flavor Descriptor

    Hello Folks, newbie with a problem here.

    The long sought, but elusive taste quality I seek to reproduce on a daily basis is a slight acid or citrus taste that is felt along the sides and tip of my tongue, typically with a clean finish. What should I try? After sampling many types of gourmet coffees, I find this quality is easier described than found.

    Here is my story. Back in the 80s I made the office coffee. I used the Martinson commercial ground coffee in a Mr. Coffee type machine (boos and jeers from the assembled connoisseurs). But it gave me consistency and the flavor I liked. I moved on and this pattern was interrupted. I don’t know what happened to Martinson over the past 20 years – I see three different types now and I can no longer reproduce the taste. I guess all the commercial coffees have suffered quality decreases.

    Now that I am retired and can play around at home, I figured it would be easy to reproduce the very best of this coffee style – but I can’t – not with any consistency. It’s not uncommon for the flavor quality to appear and disappear while using the same bag of coffee beans. I’m careful in my measurements, water (NYC filtered), and grind using a Capresso grinder and a French press maker.

    Nonstandard language usage, I think, is a problem. “Acid” “Fruity” “Citrus” “Bright” “Clean” “Wine” “Brisk” These are all words used in the catalog descriptions and reviews that MIGHT refer to the taste quality I describe in the first paragraph. But when I order different bean types based on the language, I don’t get no satisfaction.

    So tell me experts. Do you know this taste profile? Am I off the rails? What words would the pros use to describe it, if there is any consistency in language at all? What bean types, from what countries do you recommend? What brands? Any preparation tips?

    I drink it black, no sugar. Various Columbian Supremo’s have come inconsistently closest and I’ve also tried Costa Rican highland types, Tanzanian Peaberry, Papua New Guinea, and Rwandan dark roast.

    Thanks for plowing through this post.

    Foolish Pleasure
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