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    Coffee Bean Storage

    What is the best way to store roasted beans? I read on one website that you should use the beans no more than a few days after they are roasted. I am sure fresh roasted beans make the yummiest espresso but it's not practical for the average person (me). I also read that you should not keep the beans in the freezer. How long will roasted beans keep before going rancid? Should they be refridgerated?

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    keep it in a seal container, store in a fresh place. No humidity and only coffee, because the coffee absorb any kind of smell.

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    Properly storing Coffee:

    Tips about storing coffee:


    Storing coffee properly will keep it fresh and help preserve its flavor longer. Also, remember to keep coffee away from air and moisture.
    When freshly roasted coffee is first opened, the beans appear to be oily.

    Most of the flavor is contained within the coffee oils. Coffee oils are also responsible for the “crema

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    Really " NEver store in freezer? 'never head anything that was as concrete about coffee storage as : "NEVER". The best easy tip: Keep it dry, out of the air( in an airtight container),and away from sunlight.
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