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    Which Country are YOU from?. In real live MEETUPS.


    Last year I met up with a lovely guy in the USA, we firstly were playing a video game, then there was the forums and then came -> Vent (voice chat), after we got to know each other, we visited each other in real life. It was great and stay great friends to this day, it is a day I will never forget.

    Ok, so which country are you from?. And is there an official vent/teamspeak for coffeeforums or some type of chatroom?,

    Thank You.

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    The Coffee Forums doesn't have a chatroom. If people want to communicate privately, we have the Private Message feature. Other than that, what you do on your own (E-mails. phone calls, visits, Skype, etc.) is up to you.

    Sometimes people make arrangements to visit each other's coffee shops, etc. or attend conventions and meet up there. That's about it as far as I know.




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