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    Coffee Smoothie Recipe

    Recently I bought a commercial blender to make fruit smoothies. Being a coffee junkie I wanted a coffee smoothie recipe. Most recipes I found started with instant coffee not going to happen. I tried making strong hot coffee, adding milk, sugar and ice and blending. The result was a bland cool drink. Yuch.Then I found an article on making strong coffee base with a french press and cold brewing.

    Normal hot coffee uses 10-15 grams to a cup of water so this is 2 to 3 times stronger. Cold brewing also reduces bitterness. I have been working on this recipe for months and here is my result. It is interesting how the type of coffee bean and roast changes the taste. A full city roast of Sumatra is one of my favorites.

    I posted the details at Coffee Smoothie | Coffee Troupe

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    Hello Rich,

    Thanks for sharing your coffee smoothie recipe. The Coffee Troupe website looks like a very interesting place to explore (when I have some spare time).


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    Thanks Rose. I roast coffee and do work on roast profile software. I am always interested in new ways to enjoy coffee. The Coffee Troupe site is where I document my findings.

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    That's very similar to how I prepare my iced coffee in the warmer months. Starting w/ a concentrate of coffee, cold-brewed w/ a Toddy, I'll add 1T vanilla syrup, like you'd use for an espresso drink, .5t powdered chocolate like Cadbury or Ghiradelli, and 2T half-and-half. All that gets frothed w/ a batter-powered frother-thingy, and then in goes the ice.

    My only problem w/ the drink is the higher amounts of caffeine.



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