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    Cold brew

    Hi, I have a few questions about making cold brew out of a french press. I have made some batches, but none to well results. What bean to water ratio should I use? Should I put the coffee in a airtight container or let it be open? Should I put the coffee in a dark room temperature area or in the refrigerator? What is double straining/filtering? Should the container be big enough for the coffee and water have some breathing space or small to where its clumped together? How long do you recommend letting it brew for? Any other tips/facts I should know about concerning anything cold brew? Thanks!

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    Go to toddy system coffee brewer website for specifics. Click on their coffee brewing page for ratios and times. You can make your brew in a French press the same way but may want to filter a second time. The concentrate ratios are good for French press as you are able to brew bigger batches in the smallish presses.

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    Try to use stronger ratio at first if you are making by batches. It’s better to put your coffee in an airtight container to maintain its freshness and avoid contamination. I think container size is not necessarily big enough.



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