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    as a fash pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nackyy20 View Post
    as a fash pack.
    What's a fash pack????

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    I'm new here, this topic piqued my interest right off the bat, I've used left over coffee, warm and cold for cleaning,. wiping down counters the microwave, I've even doused a washcloth with coffee and wrung well, heated in the micro until it was warm and used it as a mid afternoon facial refresher.
    Since it's mildly acidic it wipes environmental gwarp and that mid afternoon shine off the skin, if you tend to have oily skin. I've not had an adverse reaction to it yet.

    Also coffee makes great dye for antiquing cloth.
    We compost the grounds.

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    I have no affiliation to drugs only experimentation

    Quote Originally Posted by montre View Post
    Hey friends, so far we all see coffee merely as a beverage which we consume everyday. But we may not know that coffee is a multifaceted thing. I'm sharing some strange and practical uses of coffee other than drinking. Hope you'll find them useful.

    1. Mix coffee grounds in any regular body lotion to make it exfoliating.

    2. Use them in paint to add texture to your walls.

    Place a small bowl of coffee grounds in the kitchen to absorb the odor of food.

    Rub coffee beans on hands to get rid of smells from chopping or cutting up pungent foods.

    Diminish cellulite by using it with massage oil or any body lotion cream.

    Repel insects by sprinkling coffee grounds anywhere you want to keep bugs out.

    Brew some coffee, let it cool, and then rinse over wet hair in the shower to make hair glow.

    Repair furniture scratches by rubbing damp coffee grounds onto the marks.

    Spread coffee grounds on the dirt, then sweep. This will keep the dust from flying around.

    Sprinkle coffee grounds in the sole of the shoes to absorb the odor of sweat.

    Use it as a compost for garden.

    Keep pets away from your garden by sprinkling coffee grounds with bunch of orange peels.

    Use coffee grounds can be used as a cleaning abrasive.

    After giving your dog a bath, rub coffee grounds through the coat of your pet to repel fleas.

    15. Use it as a meat tenderizer. Just brew a strong pot of coffee, chill and then marinate meat for up to 24 hours before grilling.

    It is possible to strand plants by taking a branch inserting a cut and adding another different plant strand, for example you maybe able to smoke coffee beans mixed with another plant it may sound insane but you can strand marijuana, tobacco and coca plants, coca plants would just add a caffeine content and a coffee flavour to the coca, and same with marijuana or tobacco, it's logic so please don't condemn me because I have stated the obvious.. Cheers!


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