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    Ethiopia coffee ceremony : very interesting video

    I am a huge fan of Ethiopian coffee, specially Yirgacheffe coffee, washed.
    I just love their flowery, Lemon, almost tea like VERY COMPLEX flavors. (there are times when I love Sumatra's heavy flavors, but Yirga is my all time favorite which I can afford. Geisha is all time real favorite, but too expensive to have them daily)

    anyway, here is couple of interesting videos about Ethiopian coffee ceremony. there are a lot in youtube, but this one seems very genuine.

    by the way, she talks about "washing green beans" before roasting in a pan to get rid of chaffs. Is that work? I have never done that, well.. I have never used a regular cooking pan for roast either, but .... does anyone know?

    By the way, part 1 is all about roasting, but part 2 become more interesting...
    In part 2, she is picking "yellow ones" out before grinding. those yellow ones are the quakers, un riped beans. You got to take them out because they will make the coffee smell and taste bit like peanuts :+)
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    forgot to mention.

    it is also very interesting to know that she is using cups without handles.
    these cups remind me of "cupping cups" almost same size and same mouth opening.
    even the way she prepares the coffee, boiling the water with coffee ground, waiting 7 to 10 min, then reminds me of cupping session.

    I have Yirga that I got from Jumpinjakjava a week ago.
    perhaps, I will prepare my family coffee JUST LIKE WHAT THE LADY DID IN THIS VIDEO.

    Could be very interesting....

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    Roasting worked fine.
    I had this roast last night by watching your link.
    Keep posting some more links like this.



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