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    Sugar in a coffee

    How much sugar we added in a cup of coffee ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teacoffee View Post
    How much sugar we added in a cup of coffee ?
    how big is your coffee cup in ounce? what kind of coffee you are using? what type of method of coffee making? how was the roasted level of the coffee? are you using roasted coffee? or ground coffee? or instant coffee?
    what is your preference in sugar? let's say : your sugar tooth level. low, mid, high or extremely high...etc

    when I know this, I can give you a constructive idea about your question.
    good luck with your thread.

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    I like to drink pure with no sugar or combined with condensed milk.

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    I prefer to drink my coffee black - I don't think sugar adds to the flavor, but that's just me.

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    When I first started drinking coffee, I had to pour the sugar in because it was SO bitter. Of course this was military grade coffee which means it could also be used as turpentine!
    Now I buy quality coffee that does not need any thing added.



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