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    How to make green tea?

    Green tea is, hands down, the best beverage after water. This traditional Chinese medicine has innumerable health benefits. Be it cardiovascular or neuro degenerative diseases, obesity, diabetes, skin disorders, kidney disease or cancer.But, the problem is, most of us do not know the correct way to prepare green tea. And, if you donít prepare it correctly, it will not provide any health benefit and will end up tasting bitter and grassy. So, it is important that you understand and master the method of preparing green tea. Read on to find out how to make green tea, that will rejuvenate and cleanse your body. But first, let me tell you a tad bit about green tea.

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    5 easy steps to make Green Tea

    1. Take a cup of water and heat it till it is about to boil.

    2. Take a strainer and measure and put 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves in it.

    3. Pour hot water into the cup through the strainer. Pour to the bottom part of the strainer is immersed in hot water. If you are using a teabag, then dip tea bag directly into the cup of water.

    4. Take the strainer away (or the teabag) in 2-3 minutes and take a sip to check if this is how strong you would like it to be. If you are making this for someone else, then use a spoon to check the flavor!

    5. Steep again for 30 seconds if you feel the tea needs to be stronger.

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    I like the green tea with mint. That stuff tastes good. Of course, that is if you like mint. They make it to where it already has the hint of mint ... I usually just put a mug of water int he microwave for about 1:30 .. and then I dip the bag in it for about a minute or so. Sometimes I just leave the bag in there.

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    Green tea is one of the healthiest beverage for improve the brain function and increased the fat burning. It's also assists us to live longer.
    Easiest way of prepare green tea
    1. First heat the cup of water
    2. Dip the green tea bag to steep in cup of boiled water for 5 minutes
    3. Now green tea ready to serve.. You wish whether you leave the green tea bag in there or remove that bag.



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