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    Cold brew concentrate producing crema during brew process

    As the title says, for elaboration I'm cold brewing in a 2c
    refrigerator using counter culture coffee blend I blended myself, 8 oz of Sierra mixteca and 8 oz of Finca Mauritania, it has been awhile since I brewed concentrate but I don't recall it being quite this foamy

    Cold brew concentrate producing crema during brew process-received_686076288422852.jpeg

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    Is there a roasted on date on the coffee? I would guess that it is just close to the date, as coffee is still undergoing chemical changes for a couple of days (even weeks) after roasting. One change is it is giving off CO2, water coming into contact with the grounds will release it.

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    Looks beautiful! I have been brewing a cold brew concentrate lately which makes a beautiful crema, just like that! Do you use sweetener, or just go after it straight up? (I like to drink mine fully concentrated with a bit of maple syrup. There is nothing quite like it

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    So my general process is a super coarse grind, I tend to stay regionally similiar (for instance if doing a central American them I'll stick to that region, with a handful of caveats for Caribbean and south American varieties my preferred blend is actually 1 part district roasters chiapas, 1 part Brazilian tres Coraces, and 1 part guatemalans finca el guayabo,) in a refrigerator over 36 hours, agitating every 8 hours to ensure equal extraction, then straining through a metal sieve so as to preserve as much of the oils I can and limit absorption from a traditional paper or cheese cloth filter. I have contemplated adding in cacao and cinnamon into the serving vessel just to see what kind of liveliness that generates, because as it stands, the blend is incredibly smooth, very easy to drink, I get loads of compliments from it, but it's not particularly lively. Part of that is just my obstinance in not liking super fruity beans, and on a personal level, I find the fruit notes a bit abrasive in a cold brew. I guess ultimately what I'm suggesting is perhaps I need to do some trial runs basically doing mulling spices in the serving vessel for a secondary cold steep.



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