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    Espresso Noobe Help

    So I've been making espresso since Christmas when I got the machine and grinder and recently got a scale and received my two shot glasses yesterday (they go up to two and a half ounces). I still feel like I need someone helping me out with the following:

    1. Dosage
    2. How to measure with a scale
    3 how to properly tamp
    4. How to measure with a scale while pouring a shot
    5. How to keep the creama
    6. How to get flavor from the espresso and avoid the espresso becoming sour
    7. How to make a proper late or cortado

    I am using fresh beans that where roasted in November

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    What machine, grinder, scale are you using?

    1-Varies depending on basket/group design, coffee, grind fineness, etc.
    2-How do you currently use the scale?
    3-There is no right/wrong way to tamp, just try to keep the tamp pressure consistent and level. The 30# tamp is ridiculous. I grind a bit finer and tamp less, likely 12-15#.
    4-I don't bother weighing the extraction. If you wanted a 1:2 ratio that means if you use a dose of 16 grams you would extract 32 grams of water through the puck.
    5-Crema is a result of fresh coffee, decent amount of extraction pressure, etc.
    6-Every coffee is going to be different. Maximizing flavor/texture depends on proper temp., brew pressure, grind fineness/dose, etc. Sour is usually caused by brew temp. being too low, extraction running too fast and leaving you with an unbalanced (under extracted) shot or too light on the coffee roast level.
    7-Define proper on the latte/cortado... Just texture the milk of your choice and add as much as you want without diluting the espresso.

    *FRESH coffee for espresso needs to be around 5-14 days post roast to maximize what it has to offer. Of course this varies with your taste, the coffee origin, roast level, method of storage, etc.
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    As shadow745 already mentioned, about your fifth and sixth questions: try fresher beans. When I use freshly roasted beans (within two weeks), it's far easier to get a consistent result.
    Since you need to get used to your new coffee machine, I'd recommend you to document each step you made to reproduce the whole process if needed.



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