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    Quote Originally Posted by MntnMan62 View Post
    My wife likes her Strarbucks decaf mocha latte. It comes with whipped cream. So when I make her one at home I will put a blast of whipped cream on top. I don't put whipped cream on my own coffee however. I simply heat and froth some skim milk and mix it with my french press or moka pot brew.
    When you heat and froth skim milk, it becomes a bit sweeter, which to me is just as pleasant as using whipped cream, without the extra fat and calories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkRose View Post
    When you heat and froth skim milk, it becomes a bit sweeter, which to me is just as pleasant as using whipped cream only with less fat and calories.
    I agree. I use a themometer and heat the milk on the stove to no more than 145 degrees F. Apparently the chemical composition of the milk changes permanently at 149 degrees F. So, yes, to sweeter milk. I then use a manual frother to pump up the volume a bit. Let it sit before pouring so I have some liquid. Not good for latte art but then I'm not really one to care about pretty pictures in my coffee. I just care how it tastes.
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    No, never do that.

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    no, it becomes too sweet and makes me sick

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    Hmm, I have never seen a cafe that would add cream to a cappuccino, well, I would not like to try this


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