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    Do you put whipped cream on hot cappuccinos or lattes?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm curious. When you go to a coffee shop, do you ask for whipped cream on top of your hot cappuccinos or lattes? Does the barista ask you if you want whipped cream?

    I have a hard time understanding why someone would want to have whipped cream put on top of their espresso drinks, especially when the coffee is topped with a creamy milk foam or froth.

    Personally, when I'm making a coffee drink for a customer, I don't ask them if they want whipped cream on top. But, some people seem to automatically expect it to be there when I hand them their coffee, and they act like I'm shortchanging them. It's annoying to have to take it back to add the whipped cream. I don't have a problem putting whipped cream on the iced cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes.....but it really bothers me to have to put it on the hot drinks (except hot chocolate). It just doesn't feel right.

    ~ Rose

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    No I would never dream of getting whipped cream on top. I do order cappuccino often when I go to a shop I have never been to before. I definitely agree with, why would you need it on top of the foam.



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