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    Coffee coca cola vs other coffee colas : seriously?

    I never knew that Coca Cola was making "coffee cola". now I know that it is being sold in Italy and Korea and few other countries.
    and apparently there are few other small brand coffee colas around.

    I never tasted one. and when I tried to buy few via online, they were charging whopping $20 (well, actually $19.95) for just 3 cans of coffee coca cola,.... so 'FORGET ABOUT IT". I did not buy.

    but just would it taste?
    I mean, I can easily make one for myself at home. regular coca cola + some cold brew....will this do?
    I do not know.

    what do you think about this type of drinks?
    let me know your comments. thanks

    Coffee coca cola vs other coffee colas : seriously?-14050793.jpgCoffee coca cola vs other coffee colas : seriously?-s-l1600-1559333472.jpg

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    It seems to me that it tastes like fizzy coffee with Coca-Cola flavor. And most likely it is not worth it to pay so much for delivery.
    In fact, if it is interesting to know the taste, then mix one by one coffee and cola. But for me it's disgusting.

    Plus it seems to me this is a double blow of harmful effects on the body. A pile of sugar + coffee + cola ingredients .. omg
    By the way. I was also trying to find out this product and nothing

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    Coke Blak was released in the states in 06. Discontinued in 08. That stuff was amazing! I wish they would bring it back. Rumored to make a return in 19?
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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