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    Is cold brew really better than iced coffee? Which one do you prefer?

    I just came to LA from Guatemala, up on the mountain where I do my work.
    there, it is 45F in the morning and 70F when it is really hot in the afternoon. A perfect weather.

    here is LA? when I wake up it is 70F!!!!! hovering around 85 to 92F now. Darn it.

    anyway, normally I make cold brew in summer time, not iced coffee (well... our fridge ice-machine broken few years back).

    what about you guys? which drink do you prefer and why?

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    I prefer when making cold coffee to make it Japanese/Flash Brewed... it keeps the acidity in the cup and much more complex than cold brew.

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    In these days without AC definitely cold/iced coffee especially iced latte. But sometimes in front of the AC a warm coffee could still be nice.

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    I Prefer Iced Coffee.



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