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    Question Iced Coffee Vs Cold Coffee

    Many people out there think these are the same but they are not.
    Let us find out why:
    Iced coffee is brewed using hot water to extract flavor.
    Cold coffee is brewed by soaking coffee beans cold or room-temperature water for 12 hours minimum to extract sugars, oils and caffeine.
    Cold coffee can be served hot or cold.
    Iced coffee can be served over ice.
    Want to add anything else please share.

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    Although there are many different extraction techniques for coffee, typically they are divided into hot and cold extraction methods...or hot brew, cold brew if you prefer. Ice has nothing to do with coffee extraction, only as a means to cool the temperature of extracted or brewed coffee. Ice can be added to any coffee beverage, but acts to dilute the strength of the coffee as it melts. The result of the dilution can be poor or, actually good. Drip brew hot coffee with ice added to it is not very flavorful. Refrigerated hot drip brew is a much better way to prepare iced coffee from hot extraction as the dilution of the beverage is minimal over the time taken to consume. In the same way cold brewed coffee does not extract the same as hot brewed coffee, but it can be served hot, cold, or iced. There are also coffee extracts that are intended to be the "instant coffee" of the coffee purist, and sometimes live up to the expectation as was the case with Michael Sivetz' extract before he passed. With a good quality extract one would have to heat up the extract and then introduce the ice...which I never have done, so I'm not so sure it would make a superior iced coffee. If you added hot water to the extract and then the have just wasted your extract, lol! Anyway, I only jumped in here to bring attention to the fact that extract is awesome, and there is a forum member who may or may not still be producing extract according to the methods provided by Michael Sivitz. If he is still here, maybe he would like to jump into this discussion.

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    Thank for giving us awareness and for for correcting this misconception about ice and cold coffee.

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    The magic of coffee is really everything that happens prior to brewing anyway. Brewing just coaxes out of the beans the best of what their potential can be based on the preferences of the consumer. Brewing cannot extract that which is not there to begin with. There are also bad things that can be extracted by hot brew, and good things that cannot be extracted with cold brew. There is no other beverage so varied in complexity with such a wide range of outcomes before even considering post brewing additions like syrups and sweeteners and dairy products...



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