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    Post Read this before brewing...!

    Hello all..!
    Do you know what are the factors that can affect the quality of your coffee?
    I have found some let's see.

    The quality of a brew depends on the following factors:

    1. Water quality.
    2. Bean quality
    3. Time since grinding the beans.
    4. Time since roasting.
    5. Cleanliness with brewing equipment.

    I hope you will take these factors into consideration before brewing your next coffee (Beans).
    Also if you want to add more based on your experience Please don't hesitate to do so.

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    Using the right amount of coffee is critical... people tend to use too little.

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    6. Grind size.
    7. Ratio of Coffee to Water (alluded to by Harry, nailed by Musicphan)
    8. Contact time.
    9. Brewing method.
    10. Holding method & temperature once the coffee is brewed.
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