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    Shots to add to regular coffee

    Just wanted some suggestions on what flavor shots I could add to just a regular house blend coffee, in other words, how can I make a regular old house blend coffee better?
    I usually get a regular coffee and add a shot of mocha but I'm getting bored of that, any other ideas? It HAS TO BE regular coffee (house blend) b/c I'm a poor college student and that's all I can afford . The only way I get to taste something like a white chocolate mocha (something in the $4 dollar range) is when my punch card is all punched out!
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    Moha? OH....Chocolate...sorry When I first started in the biz this place I worked sold this drink that was a shot of caramel in coffee with whipped cream on top...sold about a case of caramel a week with that drink.
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    Almond rocks,

    Cute girls do coconut - I don't know why but I have 2 that come in every day and get a 24 ounce coffee with a shot of coconut - both are cute - hey whatever that means I have no clue..

    Vanilla's ok, hazelnut's ok, and macadamia nut is pretty good.

    Stay the heck away from Pistachio....anyone want a slightly used 1883 bottle of pistachio let me know....worthless.

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    I've tried the coconut one, and i'ts pretty good! I had something called a mocha malbu coconut. I've heard that Almond was pretty good so I guess I'll try that. I've also had a honey vanilla late and that was REALLY good! If there are any other suggestions let me know, I want to try everything.


    P.S. I've had coffee with a raspberry shot and uh, NOT a good idea. I don't think I like fruity coffee flavors.
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