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    Tell me what's your fav coffee buddy?

    Types of Coffee Beans and Coffee Drinks... Enjoy your sip!

    Arabica - beans have a sweeter, more complex flavor that you can drink straight

    Robusta is cheaper, bitter and stronger flavor

    Latte- the latte is comprised of a shot of espresso and steamed milk with just a touch of foam. It can be ordered plain or with a flavor shot

    Cappuccino a latte made with more foam than steamed milk, often with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top.

    Americano consists of an espresso shot diluted in hot water.
    Pro- tip: if youíre making your own, pour the espresso first, then add the hot water.

    Espresso- shot can be served solo or used as the foundation of most coffee drinks, like lattes and macchiatos.

    Doppio - a double shot of espresso

    Cortado - the perfect balance of espresso and warm steamed milk.

    Red Eye -named after those pesky midnight flights. A full cup of hot coffee with an espresso shot mixed in, this will surely get your heart racing.

    Gal„o - originates in Portugal, this hot coffee drink is closely related to the latte and cappuccino.

    Lungo -a long-pull espresso. The longer the pull, the more caffeine there is and the more ounces you can enjoy.

    Macchiato - espresso-based drink that has a small amount of foam on top. Itís the happy med between a cappuccino and a doppio.

    Mocha -for all you chocolate lovers out there, youíll fall in love with this. Mocha is a chocolate espresso drink with steamed milk and foam.



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