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    drink helps please

    hey guys,

    Im setting up a coffee shop in a billiard showroom. These are the product I have, torani caffioco mocha and caffioco latte, davinci syrups, and davinci chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. My drink consultant sucks... can someone help me with nice iced blended drinks.

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    This link my help in your mocha syrups choices.
    Brewing Method: Aeropress

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    I like Caffe D' Amore products, especially the Vanilla Freeze Base and then use your own chilled espresso or a toddy mix. With the Vanilla Freeze Base you have the ability of creating signature drinks with your syrups and sauces as well. Check out their website:

    They also have a new product called Skinny which is low fat, low sugar and low calorie.

    I hope this helps you, by contacting Caffe D Amore they can put you in touch with your closest dist and get you some samples to try.



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