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    Coffee Gift Ideas

    ok i do not drink coffee at all, not that i dont like it i never really tried it so i could very well like it. but with christmas coming up i was thinking of getting a gift for some one who does drink coffee. but since i dont i have not idea of blends and types...i do know he likes columbian. and that he doesnt like folgers but does like maxwells. so any suggestions of a richer blend i guess you could say than that of columbian or even ones that are a stronger coffee that he might like would be appreciated.

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    Got a better idea. Take him to a few coffeehouses over the next few weeks. While he is ordering his favorite coffee selections, take note. Plus at the same time it will give you a chance to try them as well. This way you can make your own decision on which coffee may be right for you.
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    I would not buy him a bag of coffee. Instead try a french press, travel mug, or canister for the coffee. If you like coffee you never have enough toys to go along with them.

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    Where in WI? I am in West Central WI close to St. Paul MN. I have some gift baskets on my website just like most of us internet based roasters. Just look out for the "coffee" baskets that only have 4-6 ounces of coffee in them.
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