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    newbie here, use tasty espresso beans !

    I'm a newbee here. The subject above says: coffee beans, chat, coffee talk and java lounge.
    I have to talk about the espresso beans that I use.
    There is a small company that is family owned an dprivate. They roast their beans on their premises.
    I have been using their beans for several years. I am not an espresso stand owner but had planned to be at one time. Financial difficulties prevented me from having own business.
    I use Cafe' D'arte. It is Italian roast beans. It is fantastic!
    There are three types of beans. I use the mild and full body beans.
    I only drink the large competitor drink if I cannot have this espresso.
    Anyone else buy beans from small companies?

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    Yes...even tho I'm a roaster, I love to try other peoples coffees. Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise, other times...well.

    Beside my very own Rocket Coffee Roasters offerings here are some of the other roasters who I feel are doing a great job.

    Boca Java....our very own Topher!

    I'm sure there are a few I've unintentionaly left out and alot I haven't tried. And yes Cafe' D'arte is very good as well.

    Take care!



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