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    Ruining the milk foam with chocolate powder? Please help!

    Hello everyone,
    I am having a problem and I am hoping you can help. One of the special things planned to do in our coffee shop is to put chocolate powder on the foamy drinks... in certain shapes. We have some very cool stencels. Now...the problem is that the chocolate powder ruins the foam. Could you please tell me what do you use on the lattes or cappuccinos to not ruin the foam? I tried pure cocoa powder, chocolate powder, I also tried to put less or more, but none helped...

    Thank you so much!

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    it will eat away the foam..nothing you can do about it...cinnamon will work though...when I used to make drinks I would put the cinnamon on first then the worked that way..
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    I might try that as well....thx for the advice



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