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    peppermint mocha

    I am in love with starbucks peppermint mocha. Does anyone know how I could re-create it at home?

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    Funny thing, topher just posted a list of coffee recipes for me because of my signature. =)

    It includes a peppermint coffee drink. I do not know how it tastes yet though, and I can't compare it to starbucks' creation because I have a habit of avoiding the mob of random flavored coffee drinks.
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    i love that stuff, yummmy!

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    Rowley...guess you didn't realize...all my drinks I posted have booze in em...can't get it at starbux..
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    hey sperdico...... do your peppermint mocha by adding chocolate muck / syrup and peppermint or mint syrup (you can buy the bottled syrup at grocery store - Monin brand is the best!) to your espresso and steamed milk. Add whipped cream and crushed candy cane for the topping..... you'll get your Starbuck holiday drink all year round.

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    wow, I didn't know they make peppermint syrup.... they certainly don't have around where I live in the UK. I have resorted to adding Altoids peppermint candies to my coffee for a minty blast!

    *runs downstairs to make a peppermint/chocolate coffee..........



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