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    Nice Coffee For Nice Guy...

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    You can find caffeine in loads of places- tea, energy drinks, and supplements are really popular. As for the coffee, you might like to add some flavored syrup. I enjoy Starbucks and I know they sell their syrups in store and online. You will want to find time for sleep. As wonderful as caffeine is, there is absolutely no substitute for sleep.

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    I agree with coffee dont taste like anyone.

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    aah Nostalgia makes everything better. I am pretty sure the coffee is fine but you changed. No stress, it happens to all of us.

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    I love when people dig up these old thread. This started over 7 years ago and we still feel the same way about cheap coffee.

    They are not as good as it used to be.
    I recently read somewhere Starbucks have purchased over 500 million pound of coffee last year. That is 500 million pounds.....
    No wonder there is shortage of coffee out there... (joke)

    As we are in coffee industry, I understand why big coffee company will always try to find the way to minimize the cost of goods.
    And most of them do not care the quality of the good as long as it meets their minimum quality.
    That is the reason why people like us stay in business with better and higher quality coffee to people who really do care about the quality of their coffee.

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    what about buying green coffee and roasting it yourself? - this way you might be able to get the exact flavor you like

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    Don't let anyone tell you that your smell and taste buds change after so many years.
    I remember when you brought home can of coffee and opened it up it filed the house with that fresh aroma smell.
    My wife can't stand the taste of coffee but ironically love the aroma.
    I tried all kinds of coffee makers from cheap to expensive brands as online and offline and coffee shops.
    I sent email to coffee manufacturers and vendors the same thing no reasonable reason.
    The only explanation that came close was climate change.
    However, I to have experienced some good or better quality only followed by inconstancies, it was one big lie and a hot mess that manufacturers and vendors don't want to talk about.

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    Coffee doesn't taste like coffee anymore because it's doesn't blend with the hot water perfectly.

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    The technology of processing cocoa beans may have changed. Maybe that's why the taste has changed.
    I meet this very often lately and not only with coffee.
    Large companies are starting to save in order to keep more profits from buyers.
    It is now at every step, for example in supermarkets, I often notice how during the year manufacturers reduce the weight of the product by 3.5.10 percent. And although the price remains the same, but the weight is less. For the buyer, this difference in weight is almost imperceptible, but the profits of companies are increasing.


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