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    Quote Originally Posted by coffaddict View Post
    Thank you CoffeeJunky for welcoming me aboard. It may be true that my palate craves a more bitter flavor, but not totally. Starbucks' coffee to me, does still have a more distinctive flavor that I crave that separates them from gas stations, 7-11s, etc (which by the way I think is horrid, their coffee that is...). And there are "bold" blends at Starbucks that I truly enjoy. I'm so pleased when I ask what the "bold" blend is for the day and find it's Italian, Sumatra, or Expresso blend. If I'm told their "bold" is anything other than those three, I absolutely MUST have a shot or two of espresso, depending on what size I'm getting. I have friends that say that their mildest blend is much too strong for them and who also regard Starbucks as being known for really "strong" coffee. Don't get me wrong, Starbucks is still my favorite place to get a really good cup of coffee, I just wish that they would try and find their "bigger audiences" as you say, by way of promoting through the proper category (mild, medium, bold), As I mentioned in my response to Pink Rose, I've had Baristas (whom I realize are not necessarily that knowledgeable about their products, some more than others) admit a particular "bold" blend on a given day, is really a more milder blend. In order of importance for me I'd say what I expect is flavor first, how strong it is second, and caffeine as my least concern (ergo, why I don't prefer milder, as you say, more caffeine). I appreciate your input, it has been useful information for me....Thank You!
    I wouldn't put Starbucks and very good in same sentence , about the worst coffee around but they've convivced the masses this is what coffee is. I think when people say "strong" they somehow like that burnt ash cigarette flavor as they've grown up on Folgers, instants and whatever else that has that flavor and think that's what coffee is. I know b/c that's how I used to be and think coffee was as well.

    Like Coffee Junky and others said, you should try some real local roasters or coffee shops that know what their doing. Starbucks doesn't even have baristas anymore, their just teenagers that push a button on a crappy superauto now. Back in the day Starbucks used to actually have Mazzer grinders and La Marzocco machines, and though the beans were still bad (though not as bad today) they people working there had to know what they were doing, then they put superautos in for "consistency" even if that meant horrible coffee, still get that same horrible "consistent" coffee at any store lol. They even over roast their light and medium offerings, their problem is their volume is so large they use some of the worst/highest defect beans and roast them so bad that you only get the cigarette roast flavor so it's consistent as well at any store.

    I'm not sure where your located at, but if you try a roaster that knows what their doing, or a real local coffee shops that carries known roasters or roast their own, you'd see the night and day difference. That bold flavor you want will blow you away, as you can actually taste something other than cigs lol. And generally cheaper too.

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    I always felt like the frozen drinks were the strongest...but that also could be because they are the largest and probably contain the most sugar as well.

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    Thanks for informations!

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    Looking for answer


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