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    this creamer is curdling?

    Hey everyone, i''m new to this forum, and i''m sure this is a simple question. i just have no idea what''s wrong.

    so this is the 2nd time this has happened. i brewed a cup of coffee today, then i put liquid coffee creamer (coffeemate) into it, and then the creamer and coffee just seemed to separate and it looks gross. i have never had this problem before, and it just seemed to start happening. i unplugged my coffee maker for the last month or two, but then flushed it out and everything. but, i haven''t made one good cup of coffee since.

    if anyone can help me out and tell me what''s going on, that would be greatly appreciated.

    btw, i''m using a senseo (probably hated on these forums...but that''s all I got) i also am using those \"pods\" where i can use other grounds.

    -from a caffeine deprived college student.

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    Your creamer is too old.
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    Re: Creamer

    Quote Originally Posted by Pacificocoffee
    Your creamer is too old.

    This happens to me sometimes with regular coffee creamer as well even with creamer that I just purchased. I am curious what causes it as well. I just assume it's the creamer and return it to the store.
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