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Thread: Drink recipes

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    Drink recipes


    I am looking for a good web site to find recipes for coffee or espresso based drinks
    (Hot & cold).

    Or even to maybe get some from this forum
    I tried the layered latte topher suggested awhile back, worked out great.
    A variation to the layered latte is; I slowly poured flavored syrup through the froth, then the espresso and got a two-layered affect.

    I was going to add a pic but not sure how to do it?
    "I get by with a little help from my friends"
    They've bean great to me!

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    Here is something I did today inside my shop.

    Had some Tanzanian Peaberry that needed to go. I didn't want to drink the Tanzanian straight.

    So I took an equal amount of Tanzanian and Colombian Supremo 17/18, both were roasted to 2nd Crack/ Full City.

    Brew in a Drip Pot. No Sugar, etc. Just plain old black coffee.

    I did change the grind to "Cone" setting.

    Don't know what to call it, just good coffee.

    Joe Frabosilio
    Java Nights



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