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    What is your experience with Turkish Coffee?

    Common views are "coffee so thick, it sticks to your spoon" or "one-cup-a-day keeps you awake-for-a-week" or some believe the famous saying "black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love" (or variations) is said for Turkish Coffee...

    Tell us, what is your experience with Turkish Coffee?

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    here in serbia they only know turkish coffee....

    it's very sad how the serbian people are stuck in the past century and don't really care about advancing ahead and experiencing new things such as starbucks 101 menu!

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    I love turkish. It's like a huge cup of espresso, except lasts longer
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    Re: What is your experience with Turkish Coffee?

    I'm a Turk, and I've to confess that I've explored Turkish coffee very late )

    Of course, its aroma, body, and flavour are really different. But, to me Turkish coffee is not just a different taste in coffee world; it also represents a lifestyle. Turkish coffee is for enjoying life. It is not the kind of coffee you can drink while you're driving or working

    If you believe in "la vita bella", welcome to the magical world of Turkish coffee, a romantic gift from ancient days...

    I'm writing a blog that is all about Turkish coffee,

    If you've time and could check the blog and share your feedback, I would be grateful... Thanks in advance.

    Mahir's Turkish Coffeehouse
    ...ancient, romantic, and delicious...



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