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Thread: Coffee Problem

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    Coffee Problem

    Hey coffee experts!

    I have a small problem. I'm not a coffee person, and thats why when a new coffee / espresso / some other machine was introduced at work, I don't know how to use it. So I just have to place my cup at the bottom of the machine, and I press either S,M,L for the serving size. The first time I tried it, my coffee was really bitter. Containers with sugar and creamer were available and I rarely make coffee, but when I do, I use the instant coffee packs. So I'm not too sure how to make the coffee, or whatever I'm drinking to taste great.

    Today I tried it again. Got a Medium serving, added a little extra hot water, some sugar and creamer, and it still tastes bitter! What am I supposed to do? Some help please?

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    Re: Coffee Problem

    Bitterness can be caused by many variables. Most likely would be stale/improperly roasted coffee. People don't understand bitterness is a byproduct of caffeine and of course taste is subjective. Here's a simple test I use to see just how dialed in my brew is.... I eat something really sweet, like a glazed donut, then sip the coffee in question. If I taste bitter/harshness then I have a problem. What I look for/expect is a coffee that goes down smooth with lots of flavor regardless of what I've consumed. Great coffee can do just that.

    I find most people use sugar, cream, etc. to cover up bad coffee. Most simply don't know exactly what a good coffee can taste like.
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