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    I am a total amateur at this coffee goodness.

    But I will repeat two theories that were mentioned earlier and then give my opinion on the matter...

    (1) The coffee must be brewed hot (~200 deg F, in order to properly extract the caffeine and such). Makes sense.
    (2) The coffee must remain hot in order to absorb quickly into your blood stream. Also makes sense to me.

    I would think that both need to happen to get that rush, but considering I've never gotten a caffeine rush from an iced coffee, I'm gonna lean toward believing that the coffee needs to remain hot in order to absorb quickly into the blood stream.

    Iced coffee is OK, but perhaps the melting ice displaces what COULD BE coffee??? I definitely think there's something to the bloodstream theory, tho....

    But that's if all coffees are brewed equally. It appears that some places make their iced coffees twice as strong...

    From Wiki Answers...
    It really depends on how they make it. Generally it ends up being about the same.
    Iced coffee is not just a locations regular brewed coffee poured over ice. Often what a location will do (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.) When making iced coffee is double brew it so it ends up twice as strong. They refrigerate it so the ice doesn't immediately melt when the coffee is poured over it. It is definitely stronger before anything is added, but most places add a lot of cream to iced coffee which makes it balance out to be almost the same as hot coffee.

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    I love making cold brew coffee. It takes a bit of planning ahead, but I do 1lb coarse ground coffee with 9 cups of cold water. Let it sit overnight then strain however possible. It makes a very smooth and delicious coffee concentrate and you can dilute it from there depending on how strong you want it to be. I find it to be very caffeinated, but maybe I'm not diluting it enough


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