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    Am sitting on the fence with this one: Nespresso

    Has anyone here tried or knows someone who owns one of those Nespresso machines? The ones where you put the little cup in and it has 16 different flavors?

    Nespresso - Homepage

    That's the site.. On the one hand I'm curious, and on the other hand... It might turn out to be all hype....

    Worth getting?

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    The capsules are expensive and create a lot of waste. I've read elsewhere that the capsules have 5 to 6 grams of coffee, not enough for a good flavor. Great for holiday houses but I wouldn't have one at home.

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    First time reply for me but this one hit home. My wife & I have a Nespresso - used it fairly frequently for over 10+ yrs. We thought it was pretty good and certainly convenient. Then lats year my dad gave me a relatively unused Rancilio Audrey (pre-Silvia) single boiler. I bought a Rocky grinder as pre-ground coffee (even Illy) gave poor results. We'll never go back to the Nespresso for these reasons: 1) Price - As mentioned, capsules only hold 5-6 gms - on a per cup basis, we've saved over $500 per year by buying 1 kgs bags of whole beans online. 2) Quality of espresso - Semi-auto provides a lot of freedom to adjust dose, etc. - I can get much better flavor & crema now than ever got with the Nespresso. 3) Frothing performance is no contest - I can microfoam 4 oz milk in <15 secs w the Rancilio whereas Nespresso gave big bubbled dense foam.

    However, the Nespresso held up well and I'd say it'd be OK if your were a casual espresso drinker. If your going to have 6+ shots a day like my wife & I, go for a single boiler Silvia or the like w a decent grinder - will pay off in the long run.



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