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    I need your help! Coffee drinkers survey.

    I am in an advanced product design class at Grand Valley State University. I am looking to design a French press travel mug that will allow the user to brew coffee or tea directly in the mug but will prevent the beverage from over steeping and becoming bitter after the plunger has been depressed. I have a number of questions that we are looking for feedback on which would help us further develop our product.

    1. How much value do you see in a portable mug with a french press that would keep your coffee or tea fresh and not let it get bitter?
    2. How do you think this device should work?
    3. Can you describe how you would use our proposed product? Bring it to school, work, car trip, etc.
    4. What size coffee/tea mug do you usually use?
    5. Have you ever used a French press travel mug and if so what are your remarks on it?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Fellow Michigander... Welcome to the board....

    I have never thought about French press travel mug....
    Can you post the website or product details?
    It sound interesting but I would like to know how it works.....


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    Hello "Grizzletor"

    Welcome to the Coffee Froums website.

    Here are my answers:

    1. I don't think I'd ever be interested in having a French press travel mug.

    2. I imagine a French press travel mug being inconvenient to clean. I don't imagine ever wanting to brew coffee like that.

    3. If I ever (ever) used this device, it would be when traveling to a hotel that didn't offer coffee in the room. And even then, I probably wouldn't use it.

    4. I usually use a 12 ounce coffee mug.

    5. I have never used a French press travel mug, but I have used a regular French press before. That's why I picture the travel mug being a hassle to clean.


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    We sell 16 oz french press ravel mugs in our shop. Some of our customers like the mugs because the crema that is produced while brewing isn't lost before drinking. One guy uses his at work on a daily basis.

    I think the product you are proposing might be a good idea. Especially if you are able to stop the extraction process when pushing the plunger. I'm guessing you might be able to sell larger mugs if you make them double walled to retain heat. Especially if you have a way to stop extraction.

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    It works just like a French press, you just leave the grounds in the bottom as you drink it. I personally love french press coffee if I can't have my espresso and, being a student, a portable version is ideal for me as the coffee at school is terrible. A similar product by Bodom can be found on Amazon, it does not have the same features that I am proposing however.
    Sorry I can't post a link, post count is too low.

    edit: also as far as cleaning, most have a silicone gasket instead of the spring around the edge. Although it does increase the amount of grounds that could slip through it is much easier to clean, usually can be dumped and rinsed.
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    I'd be interested. I almost bought a travel french press but I worried about the issue with over steeping. However, a little googleing reveled the fear of over extraction after pressing might be a miss conception. Not really sure.

    On another note, I have seen a normal french press with a method for stopping the extraction after plunging. It is a Bonjour with "patented flavor lock system". You can find it on amazon.



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