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    Instant Coffee Machine Help

    Hello everyone. Wonderful site here with so many knowledgeable people. My question is that I have instant coffee that I would like to place in businesses, like Deli's and Gas stations. I could give the packet as and have the customer make the cup themselves but I was looking for a solution where if there was a machine, I can place a lot of instant coffee and hot water and have a cup ready made for the customer. I have looked and looked but I don't believe there is a machine out there that will have instant coffee easily made with a push of a button.

    I have thought of taking my instant coffee and physically placing it in a K-Cup and giving these businesses a Kureig Machine to sell the instant coffee. But from what I am hearing that process doesn't exactly work since K-Cup generally are used with ground coffee. Does it work? I've looked on the internet with mixed answers.

    I would sincerely appreciate any help that can move me out of this predicament.




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