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    Gonzo, I did point out as a commercial espresso barista. Who cares if you are pulling shot at home and you love way it taste. Who cares if it takes 30 seconds or 2 mins. Its your espresso you are going to be drinking. I put down my opinion purely based on commercial use. My idea is to bring out the consistency in taste, color and aroma. As a shop, if you get different flavor or different experience each time you visit the coffee house, you will surely lose many business. The shot pulling time might dictate the taste dramatically and that is the only reason I pointed out. I never said your shot looked horrible , color was bad or anything else wrong with your video. I actually loved it. When I pull shot, i don't get to see and this was great treat to watch....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeJunky View Post
    Sir. Shadow: I am not trying to disrespect your knowledge or your ability to pull great espresso shots. My opinion comes from few years experience of making very popular and respected coffee drink in our town. I have 9 baristas working every day. If I tell them, make great espresso shot by looking, it will be disaster. lol.. We serve now around 400 cup each day and we are getting busier.... I never had someone complain to me about my espresso base drinks...
    Sir Shadow? Now that's funny as hell. IMBHO if it takes 9 baristi to crank out 400 drinks in any given day that is a testament to their lack of skill and efficiency. If they can't extract a shot based on taste, color and texture then they wouldn't work for me. Being even semi-automated just doesn't cut it for me, even in a medium-high volume commercial atmosphere.

    How many of those 9 are allowed to make grind tweaks, etc. as needed? Or is it a 'set it and forget it' philosophy?
    I'm a legend among my own kind... you my friend are just a legend in your own mind. Later!


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