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    Stovetop Espresso Steam Release... not releasing


    I've just recently purchased a Baccarat 3 Cup Stove Top Espresso Maker. I think I got it about 3 weeks ago. Up until this previous weekend I was loving it, thinking everything was just great. That was until I went to a friends house and saw how his operated, specifically the way the steam release valve released a whole bunch of steam while he was making a pot.

    Mine doesn't do this. At best, I see a little dribble of water being pushed out through the screw/seal between the water reservoir and the top.

    Any suggestions on what I can do? Is there a way to engage the release? Should I be contacting the manufacturer? Sadly, I seem to have misplaced the receipt so taking it back might be a bit tough.

    Please let me know,

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    Hello Scott,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

    It sounds like you are making the coffee the right way. You're not supposed to be seeing a lot of steam coming out of the release valve.

    Your friend may be putting too much water in his mokka pot, or his flame on his stove was too high, and that may be why his valve is releasing steam.

    If you fill the water just to the bottom of the valve, there should be no steam coming out of the steam release valve as you're making the coffee.

    You can to a Google search for videos on how to make coffee on stove top espresso makers (mokka pots) and you will see how it's suppose to be done.

    I've never had steam come out of the release valve on my stove-top espresso maker, but if I don't screw the two pieces together tight enough, I sometimes get a little dribble of water like you do.

    I hope this helps you feel better about the way you're making your coffee.


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    Agreed with PinkRose, I am using Imusa ones bought from amazon and happy with them. It happened one time that I put the fire so high, it burned the plastic handle broken, but the pot itself is still working very good until now

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    My Grosche pots never release steam. I think the release valve is for when something goes wrong with the brewing process, to avoid an explosion.



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