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    Using a k-cup Keurig Vue V700

    I had been toying with getting a Keurig for a couple years, but didnt want to spend the cash.
    Then I remembered a nice perk of my company, and decided to get one. The perk being, I got a Keurig Vue V700, for free.
    Awesome! Or so I thought, until I found out that support for the Vue is completely lacking in brick and mortar stores up here. In Seattle. Of all places.
    Only one B&M has v-cups in stock, that I have been able to find. Target of all places. Everybody else has k-cups like you wouldnt believe. That bugged me. So, found this, and it works great.
    How to use Kcups in Keurig Vue | Chiropractic and Kinesiology Center
    Any k-cup I want to use, now works perfect.
    I also adapted that same sort of style, to converting a k-cup reusable filter, and once again it works perfect.
    Solofill has their V1 filter for the Vue, at about $25 a piece with shipping. I picked up four of the k-cup reusable filters at my local Fredmeyer for $10, and modified each to be useable in the Vue. Works perfectly.
    I have not adapted an empty Vue cup yet to handle hot chocolate (or any of the other powdered drinks) yet. IIt can not be used in the reusable filter, since it clogs the filter mesh. I do know how to adapt a v-cup for that sort of thing, using a cut down, and modified reusable k-cup filter, but I have not finished it yet, since need to find a proper sized o-ring to finish it.
    Anybody else have a Keurig Vue, and have any advice?
    I did a search for this topic, and could find nothing, sorry if it has already been discussed before.

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    Hello "vesuvius"

    I'm is it that your company ended up giving you a Keurig for free?

    I like the way you're very persisitent in trying to adapt and convert the K-cup and V-cup reusable filters. Thanks for sharing what you've accomplished so far.


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    My company has a rewards program. Every quarter (as long as the employee does not have any tardiness, unexcused absences, accidents, injuries, that sort of thing), employees are eligible to recieve a saftey point bonus, and $100 cash bonus, basically, for just doing their job right. Also, if we receive all the bonuses for the year, we also get an extra "end of year bonus".
    So, I saved up enough points to get a Keurig. Figured, why the hell not? Hehe

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    Also, here are some images of what I did with the reusable k-cup, to convert it to being usable with the v-cup.
    The v-cup in the pic, is the larger v-cup, since it will accommodate the reusable k-cup filter the best.
    A whole was drilled in the top of the k-cup filter to accommodate the v-cup needle. The bottom of the k-cup was cut shorter to fit flush with top of the v-cup, when put inside the v-cup, and notches were cut along the bottom of the k-cup to allow for the liquid to flow. All work was done with a Dremel multi-tool.
    Using a k-cup Keurig Vue V700-pic-filter3.jpgUsing a k-cup Keurig Vue V700-pic-filter1.jpgUsing a k-cup Keurig Vue V700-pic-filter2.jpg



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