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    Getting Traditional Coffee Brewer to spread water evenly

    Our office has a traditiion coffee brewer with glass carafes (from First Choice). I roast my own coffee and bring it to work, but the coffee maker won't spread the water evenly and leaves some dry spots in the coffee grounds. Is there a device that will spread the water or is the maker just defective.

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    What kind of "traditional" coffee brewer are you using? It is a small pot like you would have at home, where you manually put the water in, or is it a larger coffee brewer that's hooked up to the water supply?

    If you put the water into the machine, you can try running a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water through the machine, and then run clean water through it a second time (before you make coffee) The vinegar will help clean the part that sprays the water over the ground coffee when its brewing. There may be sections that have clogged spray holes, and the vinegar helps loosen the clogs and flush them away. You may need to do it a couple of times before you'll see any improvement.

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    I was thinking the same what is "traditional Coffee maker" Drip brewer I assume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeJunky View Post
    I was thinking the same what is "traditional Coffee maker" Drip brewer I assume.
    It is similar to a Commercial Bunn coffeemaker. It has a nozzle at the top that has 5 holes in it to spread the water. I was wondering if anyone has replaced that nozzle wtih a larger or modifed one that covers more area. I've kind of got a work around by plugging the outlet hole with something that has a smaller hole, thereby causing the water to back up more and soak all of the grounds. But I was really wondering if the nozzle could be replaced by one that had more of a showering effect. Does anyone know if there is a larger head available or maybe third party replacement head?



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