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Thread: my setup

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    my setup

    my setup-a98d802d-deed-4432-9fac-fbc226cc748e.jpgJust a pic of my setup, am running a Fracino Retro machine with 18g VST baskets. Basic grinder at the moment but does the job and RB 58mm tamper thats a pretty good fit. The handles were cast resin but have since moved on to carved wooden ones .Still throwing the idea of adding some steampunk elements to the machine, its a little too shiney at the moment for my liking. Work in progress

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    Thanks for sharing your photo! It's always fun to see a work in progress.

    Maybe you think it's too shiny because of the bright sunshine. I think it looks neat and clean!


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    We dont usually get a whole lotta sunshine here in Ireland White wasnt really the best choice of colour for the interior either,shows up every grind and splash. Been on the road for a few weeeks now and so far no complaints.Gets a lot of funny looks going down the road and even more when I pop the roof.Got a few years in clubs and hotels and know my way around a cafe too but still got plenty to learn.Will be checking in a lot more I think.

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    That looks awesome. Not that you should listen to me, but I care not for the steampunk aesthetic. More to the point, unless you change the whole car to that, the coffee area would look out of sync.



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