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    Alternative energy coffee machine

    Okay, got an odd question for you all:

    - Is there an alternative energy coffee maker out there?

    Basically, I'm working on a remote office site and we're going to try to run on PV pannels/ battery backup. Coffee machines us a LOT of electrical power, so I'm trying to find a way for us to still have coffee on site, but not require electrical power for it. Propane, solar, etc would all be viable power sources. Anyone got any thoughts on this?



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    Quite a few of the higher end espresso machines will run off gas. You might even find one that already is built with gas in mind. Other wise I don't think it would be to hard to adapt an electric machine to handle it. Try looking at a Nuova Simonelli, I know the Program VIP do use gas.
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    I agree, most commercial espresso machines can be ordered as a propane version, also they can technically be converted over as well. We have to keep in mind, you'll have to run a grinder and refrigerator as well, those require a 110v outlet, might as well get a 110v machine as well since you still can't get away from power of one form or the other, ie. generator, battery back up with a voltage converter, gel pack's, etc. With the machine, the higher wattage of the heating element, the more power it's going to draw, and if you are only offering a little espresso in house, you just don't need that much in the first place.

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    Actually they make propane/electric refrigerators for RV's so that's not a problem - and there's tons of small 12V fridges on the market these days.


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    For a drip brew method check out a Chemex
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