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    Tamper Flat or Curved?

    Hello everyone

    I just bought a Reg Barber Tamper for my Simonelli 2 group at my kiosk.

    I heard that many think the Flat bottom is better since it wont focus the water toward the center and more evenly distribute it. Now I am hearing that the curved bottom is better since it "seals" the coffee around the edges.

    What are your guys thoughts on Tampers? Curved Bottom or Flat Bottom?

    BTW I already ordered the Flat bottom so I hope I didnt waste $50.00 on the Reg Barber.
    Shawn C.

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    hey. i've been a barista for a while now and i feel the *best* tamps are the flat variety for a few reasons:

    the water follows the path of least resistance. it's really, really hard to use curved tamps to get a nice flow from the portafilters.

    what i do, pending my grind is perfect, is i tamp, tap the sides of the portafilter and tamp again. this works fine for me, and as long as the shelf or surface your machine sits on is level, the espresso should come out perfect.

    the curved ones have given me trouble with clogging up the machine, leaving stray grinds in the espresso and overflowing the portafilter.


    hope that helped.

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    I must agree with Baristaonfire. I don't much care for the curved tamper myself. I don't tamp a second time though, but I do polish it off with a little less pressure. But I too, am looking for a nice even and consistent tamp.

    Make sure you stay away from auto tampers. They may give you consistent pressure, but the tamp is horrible. There is no real way to tap the wand and knock the espresso off the sides, let alone get a nice polished head on the espresso.
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    Sure my auto tamper sucks, that why I test the pressure and lube...for consistancy.....Want pick of a pulled shot? post me back.....

    More than tamp, timing is more important....given that the h2o is distributed evenly....
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    Anyone tried Schomer's slightly rounded bottom Ergo-Packer? Please share your experience.
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