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    Question Newbie Q: Can I use different coffee in a pod?

    Here I am, a native Seattleite and not much of a coffee drinker. I do enjoy iced coffee and some blends on occasion so I'm thinking about getting a machine. As it is just me in the house I thought that a single serve or pod brewer would be ideal. The thing is, I don't want to be limited to a set number of coffee brands, which it seems a pod or disc system would do. A quick Google search shows that I can make my own pods but that seems like a bother.

    What I want from my new coffee maker is:

    • Cost less than $75 (a bit more would be OK)
    • Available in red (my preferred color but not a deal breaker)
    • Comes with a water filter
    • Able to brew 12-24 oz.
    • Available at a local store such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc.

    I should add that the machine is for coffee only, not espresso or lattes.

    I look forward to reading your suggestions. Thanks!



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