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    I can't smell my freshly brewed coffee!

    Ok, so my beans (I try several makes, but all are medium roast) smell great but I don't get that fresh made coffee in the room odor. On paper, the only thing I'm lacking is a burr grinder, however, by grinding my total amount in several steps and straining the grind I do end up with a reasonably "looking" consistency. I'm using a Clever Dripper to brew. I can put a McDonald's coffee in my car and it smells great and if I bring one home and take the lid off the odor is there. Could it be that the smell of the beans is so good/strong that it ruins my olfactory threshold? I realize there are numerous variables in the preparation but if you have a hunch please share. Thank you!

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    do all the different brands you've tried have no aroma? what is the name and origin of the coffee you're buying?
    Cafe Mistico
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    Quote Originally Posted by namballe View Post
    do all the different brands you've tried have no aroma? what is the name and origin of the coffee you're buying?
    Just the pre-packaged US grocery store brands such as Dunkin Donuts and Eight O'Clock. Several posters on another forum have suggested that indeed it is just a sensitivity phenomena, as they've noticed the same thing and have verified it by having someone else prepare the coffee and then enter the kitchen and they smell the brewed coffee fine.

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    My only idea for an explanation would be the de-sensitization one you put forth. I've sort of noticed this myself, I'll be home doing work and brewing coffee. I might notice the smell only slightly however if a roommate were to come home during a brew they say the place smells great. The smell hits them as soon as they come in.

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    Yeah I agree with the other posters. You need to leave the room or preferrably the house for some time (around 15-20 min). Go to the grocery or corner store to kill the time. When you return, the smell in your house will definitely hit you. You are just used to the smell from being around the beans for too long.



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