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    keurig machine very watery, is it broken?

    I bought a new keurig k45 from a third party seller. Everything in the box was brand new with tape and everything so I have no reason to believe it is used. However, when I made my first coffee using an included sample k-cup (green mountain hazelnut, exp july 2015), it was very watery in the medium setting. You can see the water floating at the top. Tried an included swiss miss, very watery at medium size. I have also tried a donut shop k-cup I bought separately which was both watery and very bitter.

    I don't know if the machine is defective or not. How hot is the water suppose to be? Another possibility is that the outlet I am plugging it in isn't providing enough power to heat the water. Wouldn't it just not work or jump the breaker instead though?

    Would like to mention this is actually for my parents and I'm not a big coffee drinker. But from the stuff I've had in the past (folgers and maxwell house using an old and crappy drip machine) this stuff is way worse. It feels like the water isn't even mixing with the coffee, like some water oil mixture, as opposed to just being weak.

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    so why not bring it back to the store where you purchased it. Keurig had a recall of over 7 million units. Not sure if your brewer is one that needs to be returned or get a fix kit. But if I purchased something brand new and it did not work properly it goes right back for a replacement
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    I'm not sure what you mean by a third party seller. Some third party sellers, especially those who sell over the Internet, are pretty good at making refurbished machines look like they're new.

    But, as long as you have a receipt, you should be able to return it.

    Or, you can call Keurig customer service and explain what's going on. They'll do troubleshooting with you over the phone. If it's one of the machines that was recalled, they'll let you know. They may even send you a replacement. It's worth a try.

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    It is a Keurig machine, take it out to the trash and leave it there!

    Buy a french press or Hario V60 poor over drink good coffee and be happy

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    You say your not a big coffee drinker were you expecting something to be magically different about the Keurig? I'm not opposed to much these days but sadly you're not going to get the best cup of coffee possible unless you are buying fresh, grinding fresh, and brewing with decent coffee maker and not some off the shelf Mr. Coffee from Walmart.
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    In my experience, that is all Keurings. There website is doing a recall right now because it leaks if more than two cups are brewed....



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