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    Saeco Incanto Sirius help please

    I am having some problems with Saeco customer service. I would not suggest anyone buy any of their products because of their terrible customer service. I need someone who has this machine to run some tests for me PLEASE! I would go to the store but it is no longer available and one of you are my last hope!!!! Read on and I will explain....

    Just 2 months of after purchase I started having problems with the grinder. It would say \"grinder blocked\". I would have to drive to the nearest service center for them to fix it. That is a 3 hour round trip drive. But better than sending it in to Ohio where it takes 6 weeks! Finally, after 6 trips to the service center, my grinder completely blew out. There were no grinder parts available. They were back ordered from Italy. And since it was one week past the warranty when it finally blew out Saeco would not cover the $350 to replace the grinder at the service center. The grinder had been malfunctioning since the beginning so I expected for Saeco to fix it under warranty. I contacted Saeco and after much argument they finally agreed! I had to pay to send the machine to them. I waited an addition 4 months because there were no grinders available. I said send me a new machine then. They would not. All together I was without the machine for 6 months.

    When I finally received the machine I had it for about 2 months before the grinder blew again. I sent it in again and had to wait a month for them to replace it again. When I received it this time I noticed that it was leaking water into the drip tray before and after I made a coffee. It did not do this before. I contacted Saeco and they said that they had replaced a water line while it was there. They ran me through a bunch of tests and nothing helped so they said send it in again. Another month.

    I get my coffee machine back and it still leaks and they say that nothing is wrong and it is supposed to leak. I ask for them to send me a new machine. They refuse. They sent me 2 espresso cups as a consolation.....I need for someone to tell me if their machine does this? I can only make 4 large cups of coffee now because all the rest of the water leaks in to the drip tray. About 2 fluid ounces per every cup. plus the 2 ounces that is dispensed for prebrewing. I am continually having to empty the drip tray. Can some one please get back to me on this? Thanks so much!

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    I can make around 10 cups of cappuccino (one shot in each) before being prompted to empty the drip tray. However, I always leave a jug under the dispenser when I turn it on, so the rinse doesn't go into the drip tray. Usually I make 2 cups at a time and then do a blank shot (using pre-ground) so in total before emptying it's:

    Turn on and rinse (into jug)
    2 espresso shots
    froth milk
    rinse with blank shot
    repeat 5 times
    Prompts to empty drip tray

    Hope that helps. I've had the machine just over 2 years now - it's been in for repair once when it started making a loud knocking noise when then pump was running. The pump housing was warped causing it to hit the side of the machine. I'm pretty sure the descaling cycle caused the problem as it insists on running until the water tank is empty, which in turn lets air into the pump and causes it to start knocking. That was a year ago, no issues since.

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    turbine- Thank you for the prompt reply! I would have to make exactly what you made to be able to compare. But I am sure I won't get 10 cappuccinos out of my machine.

    I do put a container under the nozzle to collect the "pre-brew" water cycle. That, in of itself is, 2 oz. Then another 2 oz. leaks into the drip tray from the back of the tray. Half before I make the coffee and half after. This is the problem.

    The tank holds 116 oz. when filled to "max" line.
    2 oz. are dispensed per cup for pre brew
    I have my large coffee set on a 10 oz. serving
    12 oz. of water is still left in the tank when the "fill water" icon appears

    So if you subtract (from 116 oz.);

    2 oz. prebrew x 4 = 8 oz.
    10 oz. x 4 = 40 oz.
    12 oz. water remaining in tank

    equals 60 oz.....that means that 56 oz. of water (almost half) are lost leaking in to the drip tray in order to make 4 cups of coffee. Does that sound normal to you?


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    This thread has been locked if you wish to post about a Saeco Incanto Sirius please post a new thread.

    Please don't hijack other peoples threads it makes it harder for new people to sift through and find relevant information useful for their needs.
    Have you ever walked through the aisle of your local grocer and smelled the death of a dying bean?


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